Hello, again.

It started when my computer broke.

Over the past few months my computer has been acting up, but has always come back when I’ve done minor things to revive it. The power cord wouldn’t work but then I would giggle it around and all of a sudden it would start charging. It would start going super slow, then with a restart it would speed back up. The internet wouldn’t connect when it was connected to all other devices in the house, but with disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi it would start back up. Minor problems. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

It was, however, annoying enough that I stopped wanting to use my computer much for anything at all. I would use it to browse the internet or check Facebook, but that was about it. When it came to doing anything productive or real I would expect roadblocks and give up before I started. Hence, a long span of no writing began.


That’s not the only reason I haven’t been writing. There’s this other reason that I love more than anything in the world. He’s 14 months old, 21 pounds, 31 inches, and one million billion fun. When he was born I told myself that it was ok to choose playing with him over writing any time I wanted. I consistently chose to play, sleep, clean, cook, or work over writing for over a year. I’m sure that I’ll continue to choose those things over writing for the rest of my life, but I am going to make it a point to choose writing a little more too.

So, today I decided to get a new computer. Well, Brian decided it was time and I agreed. I haven’t purchased one yet but the idea of getting one is so exciting that it motivated me to say, “Guess what? I might want to write more now.”

Which basically means, “Hello, again.”

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