Messy, Busy, and Happy

Oh, to be busy. What a wonderful thing.

I know that might sound a little strange, but I actually am so thankful that I haven’t had time to write in a while. My life is so full that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and process. Now that I’m sitting here early on a Sunday morning before my husband is awake and while my baby is back asleep after his early morning bottle, I realize how happy I am.

P1010072My house is a mess. Right now there are toys all over the living room floor scattered over a large rug that is covering our temporarily concrete floors. These floors have been giving me anxiety for a month now as Brian lovingly has been changing them from old carpet to beautiful hardwood. Owen started crawling at exactly the same time we decided to start the floor project, and I’m constantly following him around to make sure he doesn’t hit his cute little head. There are dishes in my sink, laundry to be folded in my bedroom, and I know that right now the diaper pail needs to be emptied. All of that is because I have been playing with my adorable 8 month old boy, which makes me the most peaceful and happiest I could possibly be.

I know that by the end of the day the house will be in livable shape. Right now I am just happy to be sitting here with my coffee and my dog at my feet.

Today is going to be a full day of cooking and preparing food for the week. This week Brian decided he wanted to start easing into a version of the paleo diet, so for the past few days I’ve been doing some research and looking for paleo food blogs to try to find some recipes that fit in the general guidelines. Basically we will be eating meat, fruits, veggies, and nuts and excluding some dairy and grains. We aren’t going to go crazy with it, but it’s something to get us going in the direction of eating more fresh food. We have always done pretty well in that department, but this is a fun way to refresh our thinking about eating well, so we are going with it.

Some of the paleo food blogs I’ve found are pretty good. There seem to be lots of really committed people out there to following the paleo rules. I’m not sure I’m we are going to measure up but we’ll give it our best shot.

Today I’m going to make a recipe from Nom Nom Paleo, which seems to have a really good stock of recipes. A few things I’m making this week were inspired by some of the recipes on that blog, so we’ll see if they turn out. Hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures and if anything is good I’ll try to post the recipes on here. It’s been a while, but I am still eating, I promise.

What I’m more excited about is making some baby food today. Owen eats relatively well but he really likes his food thick, and you just can’t buy baby food as thick as he likes it. He loves vegetables that I cook and blend with just a tiny bit of water so that they are thick enough to stick to the spoon when you hold it upside down. On Friday I went to Sprouts and bought a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables that I’m going to cook for him today. Sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, apples, blueberries, peaches, and squash are in the mix, and I might try to mix a few and make some fun combinations of things for him.

Other than cooking, today I’m looking forward to working out at some point, cleaning up, walking my dog, and playing a lot with Owen. So, if I never get back to posting recipes I apologize, but then again I know I’ll be having lots of fun. See you when I see you.

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3 thoughts on “Messy, Busy, and Happy

  1. Love to read when you have time to write! I keep wondering when I’ll get back to it regularly, too. In the meantime…enjoy that boy!

  2. Hi Molly,
    I just found your blog and you have a very similar ‘take’ on healthy eating. I am looking for someone to make meal plans and grocery lists for me. Would you be interested?
    Thanks for the great blog!!!

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