Why “Work Things”?

If I had asked myself 10 years ago what I would be best at as I approached 30 I would never have said that fundraising, marketing, or event planning would have been anywhere near the top of the list. Back as I was graduating from high school I thought I was going to work in healthcare and do the work of a compassionate person who wanted to help sick and injured people rehabilitate. I was off to the University of Oklahoma where I took just about every biological science class I could take, and I loved every minute of it. Never once did I desire a job that dealt with money, let alone asking other people to give their money to me. I was bad with money. Money was something that I earned and spent just as quickly, and never was good at keeping track of or saving. I paid as little attention to money as was possible, with no budget or plan to save a dime.

Flash forward 10 years and I am the Director of Development at a local non-profit and have been learning everything I can about how to get money for this wonderful ministry to continue their work. Money to me means services for the kids that attend this school, so I care about money much more now than I ever did. The school I work at is a tuition-free Christian preschool for children with special needs, where miracles truly do happen in the lives of the children here daily. The work of the teachers and therapists with these children help them achieve goals and milestones that they never would achieve in the world that exists outside our doors. I care so much about these kids receiving the services that they need that I take my job of raising money extremely seriously. Since 2007 I have been working in fundraising and learning everything I can about developing creative strategies and dirt cheap cost effective ways to throw events, reaching out to the community about our cause, and develop good donor relationships and keep our supporters connected.

That being said, I feel like I have a lot to say about fundraising. I have some pretty good ideas and a great track record so far with what I’ve done, and whether other people end up reading them or not I wanted a place to start documenting some of the ideas I have. So, here we are with the “work things” section of the blog. I’ll start writing some articles and hopefully someday someone will find the information helpful for themselves or their organization. I know it’s a change from cakes and cookies, but it’s something I care a lot about. Thanks for letting me share!

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